Business Intelligence, Reporting & Analytics for the Tourism Sector

Business Intelligence, Reporting & Analytics for the Tourism Sector

Our Services

We specialize in the creation of Analytical and Reporting tools for the Travel Sector.

Reporting & Business Intelligence Architecture

1. Exploring your needs

We seek to understand your current reporting ecosystem and collaboratively identify new reporting opportunities.

2. Designing Solution
  • Click and export reporting environments
  • Flexible and dynamic suites of reports with your entire organization in mind
  • Readily accessible platforms
  • Real time reporting on the latest available data
3. Deployment
  • Audit the platform
  • Engagement and training with users
  • Continuous support and upgrades

Data Mining, Enrichment & Integration

1. Mine

We dive deep into your data so that every byte is available to augment your reporting and business intelligence requirements.

2. Clean

We analyse your current data in order to flag issues and identify opportunities to implement better operating and capturing procedures. Where possible we apply interventions to clean data at source.

3. Enrich

We discover ways of using your data to create additional intelligence – new fields, additional segments and endless filtering possibilities.

4. Integrate

We can connect to additional 3rd party data sources (see key integrations and partners below) which we similarly mine, scrub, enrich and integrate with your current data.

Our Products

Reservation Insites

Delving into reservation systems and enhancing/improving day to day reporting functions, combined with analytic capabilities.

Tour Operator Insites

Connecting to tour operator systems and enhancing/improving sales and operation performances and sales and product management through comprehensive reporting and analytical tools. is an exciting new project that found its’ feet in the dark days of the Covid Pandemic. In an effort to provide the industry with some clear signs of a path to recovery, we have collaborated with some of the best-known Property Management and Central Reservation systems across Africa. We aggregate and anonymise data from leading Hotels, Lodges and Resorts giving the tourism sector a better grasp of travel trends and movements.

Marketing Insites

We can connect to any historic or current marketing feeds. Seamlessly remove “junk”, clean data and enrich profiles. We align these data sets with transactional data enabling you to segment your CRM for concise targeted marketing.

In a nutshell we consolidate your data assets and syndicate them to your marketing, sales and online systems with ease.

Our Key Integrations and Data Sources

Data Sources we currently work with:

Reservation Systems
Tour Operating Systems

Our Partners and Clients



GoFetch live in the marketing automation space and our partnership with them, through a product called Connectus, will help you consolidate your data assets and syndicate them to your marketing, sales and online systems with ease.

We have a variety of clients in mixed business sectors, ranging from property, medical, hospitality, fashion, and interior design.