Reservation Insites

Reservation Insites are built and deployed for clients on a variety of Property Management Systems (PMS) giving the user easy access to reporting and analytics on any and all aspects of your data environment.

The platforms are designed with maximum flexibility in mind – giving the user the ability to toggle seamlessly between major reporting requirements (currencies, financial years, commissions, tax conditions etc)

Frequently Requested Insites

(Availability is dependant on the individual Property Management System)

Marketing Reporting and Analysis

Source, Agents and Originators – In depth look at past, current and future performances across Sales and Travel.
Our easily navigable calendars help you compare weeks, months, quarters, years so that you can identify growth or quickly spot lagging trends.
All our reports are easily segmented – whether you are reviewing performance in different camps/hotels, rates, consultants, guest countries etc…

The key measures we use to track performance are:

  • Lead times
  • Conversions
  • Materialisation Rates
  • Occupancies
  • RevPar
  • Achieved Room Rates
  • Guest and Reservation Counts
  • Bednights and Room Nights
  • Circuit counts

We deploy all the above as easily exportable charts, graphs, pivots and tables.

Automated reports sent directly to your inbox

Financial Reports

Our key interventions here are to provide finance teams with a reporting suite that shortens the turnaround times to producing performance reports. We generally seek to replicate the complex and time consuming environment in Qlikview with a click and export functionality.


  • Debtor analysis
  • Pace reports
  • Financial year and quarterly functionality
  • GL account segmentation
  • Daily Trial Balances

Example Dashboards